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Attractions close to Marton Mere and Blackpool

Fleetwood Has 3 lighthouses - 2 of which are in the town its self , Fleetwood has a harbour which once was alive with deep-sea trawlers - but now sadly only has an inshore fishing fleet, However there is now a modern marina with pleasure craft moored to the site of the old Wyre Dock.

Blackpool Tower and Circus is positioned at the base of the Blackpool Tower , between its four legs. The circus first opened to the public on 14 May 1894 and has not missed a season since. Famous people that have worked at the circus are the clown Charlie Cairoli appeared at the tower for 39 years and ringmaster Norman Barrett worked the ring for 25 years.

Sea Life Centre, Blackpool Visitors will be stunned to discover that creatures like the slender pipefish, relative of the seahorse are abundant in European seas and that the colourful cuckoo wrasse can undergo a sex-change. You will be amazed to see the varieties of rays populating our own marine world, from the sharp-spine thornback to the intricately patterned undulate ray.


Blackpool Zoo is home to over 1500 animals from the four corners of the planet. Come and see Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes, Sea Lions, Gorillas, Chimps, Orang-utans, Lions and giant tortoises.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is one of the most popular fun fairs in the country with 125 rides there is bound to be one to suit every member of your family. Take a thrilling ride on the Pepsi Max Big One, turn your world upside down and get ready to do it again on the Revolution or experience the classic twin tracked coaster the Grand National.